Chrysolite continues to amaze me the depth of their market experience and persistence on driving deals to closure. They do their homework and find creative solutions to make deals happen.

Jeffery K. Mitchell

Attorney at Law
I have had the opportunity to work on transactions with Nate and have been impressed with his drive, determination and ability to come up with unconventional solutions to otherwise "dead" deals.

Grant T. Miller

I have worked with Nate and Chrysolite extensively the last few years. Not only do they "go the extra mile" in their efforts but their experience in so many various markets is unmatched. Their excellent work allows our projects to develop more quickly with fewer surprises. I look forward to working together on several upcoming opportunities.

John Pierce, TEC Car wash Services

“I have known Nate for many years. He is high energy and always working. He is also extremely articulate and intelligent. Not only is it enjoyable to spend time with him, he really knows his stuff. I am impressed with Nate's drive and his results, and look forward to working with him on projects in the future.”

Andrew (Andy) Wampler, Shareholder, Wilson Worley Moore Gamble & Stout, PC

“Nate is detail-oriented, aggressive, goal-oriented, and above all he has a real in-sight to the service he provides. I have worked with Nate on multiple projects with success and hope the future is full of even more opportunities for both of us.”

Trever Bartley, Owner, Interstate Awning

“One of the good ones”

Troy Morano, Director of Real Estate, Rita's Italian Ice

“Parachute Nate into any town, anywhere, at any time, and within 24 hours he will find you the best commercial real estate deal in that town --and bring you the tenants. I have watched Nate in meetings, I have listened to him network on the phone, and I have been a part of the deal-making that he is is so good at. If you are in commercial real estate or development in the Southeastern U.S., you need to know Nate.”

Jerry Bond, President, The Bond Organization

“Working in Economic Development it is essential to work with professionals. I have worked with Nate on several projects and he is very motivated and professional in getting the job done. I would recommend Nate to anyone who needs the expertise and experience that Nate provides.”

Tim Long, Executive Director, Lee County VA

“I have known Nate for over three years and from the initial meeting there was a sense of trust that is necessary to have a good working relationship. I have found working with Nate in transaction structuring a rewarding experience. He is creative, bright, tireless and focused on each and every deal and takes a personal interest in its success. He is a commercial broker worth taking the time to get to know. ”

Jeanne Stosser, President/CEO, Chrysolite Leasing.com

“I have known Nate for about 5 years. My experience with Nate has demonstrated that he is a leader in his industry. I am always impressed with his level of professionalism and expertise in his business. I would recommend him for any business opportunity he is seeking!”

Clay Linkous, MBA, Sales & Marketing Director, CommerciaLand/CL Registry

“It's my pleasure to write the strongest positive recommendation for Nate Kiser. He is an expert in his field. He is able to creatively visualize opportunities and see different tangential angles to any set of challenges. He demonstrates both personal and professional maturity in decision making and exercise of authority. He's quick-witted and able to not only think on his feet, but able to see opportunities where others may see only challenges.”

Alan Guinn

“In a day and age where we all need to be in multiple places at the same time, it is invaluable to work with people like Nate. I am 300 miles away but I have every confidence that I know exactly what is happening and more importantly what is about to happen, in Nate's markets. He possesses the cleverness to find ways around obstacles that others find to be dead ends. Nate uses great people skills to bring multiple parties together. Nate gets things done.”

David Van Valkenburgh, Regional Manager - Real Estate Representative for Alltel

“A very talented and hardworking commercial real estate expert. Referred him many times to my friends and clients. He gets the job done!”

Joseph Nowland, Community Bank President, Wachovia Bank